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Dual Monitors not working

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I recently installed using your EFI Folder MaLd0n and it helped me actually installing my hackintosh without any problem, there are no problems. Everything works smoothly the App store, audio, ethernet and other native small uses except the HDMI Monitor, I have two displays. One is DP and other HDMI, DP works and HDMI doesn't, tried HDMI without DP on and still no result. I have a 9900K with a Maximus Hero XI, nothing works here for HDMI. I hope you can help me it would be a life savior for me as i need two displays and save me from getting a dedicated GPU. The runme file will be attached here

This is the correct RunMe file, the other one was from my older hackintosh. 


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6 hours ago, MaLd0n said:

create a video patch with hackintool

How do you create a video patch? This is my first time, bear with me. I am looking for guides but cant seem to understand, I downloaded now do you want me to change the whole platform ID? Or change the port number and check different index numbers? Will this problem go away if I get a USB-C to HDMI Cable and use the Type-C to connect it to my display MaLd0n?

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13 hours ago, MaLd0n said:

in hackintool, menu/patch/systemconfigs have many presets

My two monitors work like a charm now, thank you so much. The only problem that I am facing right now is sleep mode, whenever I put my PC to sleep. The PC restarts again and comes back to the main user, it doesn't work in sleep mode. Restart and shutdown works perfectly.
Runme.app attached below,
Thanks as always


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33 minutes ago, Abdullah-ui said:

I did as you said MaLd0n, no result or of any kind in sleep mode. Still the same thing

idk what happens, the patches id one

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