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Asus ROG Strix z390 i9-9900k rtx 2070 super

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Hello people,

i want to install macosx on this system i am already running windows 10. I want to install mac osx to a different ssd.

The idea is to use the onboard gpu ( intel uhd 630) for macosx and the nvidia rtx 2070 super for windows 10.

can somebody tell me how i can achieve this so i can select the input on my screens ( displayport 1 nvidia, displayport 2 macosx) to switch before booting.

some help on this installation would be awesome.

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okay will do im busy making the usb, but how can i best approach this so if i boot to windows it uses nvidia gpu

in the bios i can set primary monitor: AUTO,CPU, PCI, SGV, what do i need to choose here i guess auto.

igpu multi-monitor: on

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well usb is finished im gonna try and install now , if i need help on this ill report here

Added in 26 minutes 27 seconds:

Catalina is currently installing to disk used -wegnoegpu.

Still thinking about how to tackle the boot process for igpu and egpu.

if anyone has suggestions let me know.

Added in 29 minutes 29 seconds:

I'm stuck at following screen pci configuration end, bridges 6, devices17

I used nv_disable=1 and -wegnoegpu as bootargs

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[ref]MaLd0n[/ref], Okay Catalina is installed and I did the post install part aswell. can you help me how to do that hackintool patch?

Added in 19 minutes 51 seconds:

What things should I do more now? anything you need from me?

Added in 49 minutes 14 seconds:

trying to get hdmi working atm still no luck

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trying that , now it is detected if I go to display settings I can configure the second screen's settings but it still has no signal

Added in 24 minutes 44 seconds:

[ref]MaLd0n[/ref], I managed to get my HDMI to work :D.

is there anything I need to do more for post install ?

Added in 41 minutes 27 seconds:

[ref]MaLd0n[/ref], is it possible to convert from clover to open core? , would be nice if that was possible

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