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Mojave 10.14.6 msi ge75 notebook shutdown/restart/sleep problems.

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Mojave 10.14.6 msi ge75 notebook shutdown/restart/sleep problems.

Hi people,

This is a 3 days old notebook; MSI GE75 9SF,

after installing W10 to internal WDC ssd nvme (r:1600 mb, w:1200 mb),

i tried to install Mojave on external usb sandisk ext pro 3.1. (r:350 mb, w:250 mb)

i cannot open below cover theres warranty sticker!

Technical specs:

17" notebook MSI GE75 Raider 9SF

cpu: i7-9750H, 6 core, 12 mb cache

gpu: Intel UHD 630 internal, + nvidia rtx2070 (no luck for hackintosh :P )

chipset: HM370

hdd slots: 2 M.1, 1 sata

lan: Atheros killer e2500

wifi: intel killer e1550 (no luck for hackintosh)

sd card reader: RealTek RTS5129 USB Card Reader

audio: realtek 1220

hdmi 2.0, dp 1.2, usb c type outs, 4K out

2 port usb 3.2 gen1, 2 port usb 3.2 gen2

I could booted and installed from Olaria Mojave 10.14.1 and then updated to 10.14.6

cpu id detected, its cores and voltages + temperatures.

UHD 630 is detected out of the box.

battery detected.

lan is succesfull with "AtherosE2200Ethernet.kext"

no luck with bt and killer 1550 wifi (so im using an usb bt and wifi no problem)

in future i plan to buy BCM94352HMB...


1- Please can i have DSDT/SSDT aml s, so shutdown and rebbot problems may be fixed? required files attached.

2- even sleep problems, too?

3- it naturally detected sound ALC1220 but theres no microphone...

what do you suggest; AppleHDA patcher or voodoo for ALC1220 sound + microphone ?

4- theres no hdmı or dp or usb c video outs, because the real nvidia card takes responsibility there, is there no hope?

5- If i buy BCM94352HMB, is it best option for wifi and bluetooth? (i was using them in my other notebooks for long time, since 10.10 s...)

6- Realtek usb2 sdcard reader :0bda 0129 ; couldnt get it work, is there a kext?

7- what about the steelseries illuminated keyboard? they have software in their web page for mac, but my notebooks integrated kb is not detected?

only sound inc/dec works, other kb fn key dont operate. so screen is at max brightness :P

8- my last question; its detected; MacBookPro14,3

should i change to 15,1 as it much suits that 9th gen. notebook? 2019 year produced and i9 cpu.

My Best Regards.

its 4.5 mb so attaching files says file too large...


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