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Please help the preview application

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Hi everybody !. I have a hackintosh running mojave that has the perfect DSDT patch from High sierra. The version of Mojave I installed is brand new. The version I use is the latest 10.14.6.

- My macos preview application has an error like the attached image. Although other file formats such as Excel, word, text, and PNG all work. But every time you see a JPG image is the phenomenon as the image takes place.

- Hope someone can show me how to fix it. Or can you reinstall this application? I have Olarila's mojave installation USB.

- Thank you very much


- " https: //i.wingur.com/LAYpv.png "

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I have found a solution to this problem. If someone encounters the same problem, it is possible to fix the error in this guide.

- download my attachment.

- mount EFI partition (use clover)

- Open the path EFI => CLOVER => Kext => Other

- Copy 2 kext Lilu and NoVPAJpeg from the download folder here

- Choose to replace the old Lilu kext

- Proceed to restart macos

- finish


Preview and Quick Look Fix.zip

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[ref]tuananh19.01[/ref], activate intel quick sync

Hi MaLd0n ! Please ask for more

I have read more on the forum and have found your tutorial to enable quick synchronization: https://Olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=62&t=9275

- I am using i5-8500 cpu, so which PlatformID do I choose?

- Will after changing the config file. Does your DSDT file help me from the high sierra version?


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