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My first hackintosh: Lenevo X270

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Hi everyone!

This is first time I've installed Hackintosh in my laptop. My laptop is X270 with: i5 6200U, HD520, 8G Ram, 1Tb and the second HDD is SSD WD SN520 256GB NVME M.2 2242. I tried many times installed Hackintosh in SSD WD 256Gb and Windows 10 in 1Tb. Everthings go through and now I nearly full.

I followed this thread: 


My laptop working:

- Wifi/Bluetooth (I removed Intel 8260 and used BCM94352Z). I use this kext to activity Wifi, Bluetooth: Copy into EFI/ Clover/ Kext/ Other - AirportBrcmFixup.kext, Lilu.kext, AirportBrcmFixup.kext, BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext, BrcmPatchRAM2.kext, FakePCIID_Broadcom_WiFi.kext

- HD520: native, full QE/CI enabled

- USB ports: native

- USB type 😄 not test, but I think can be use.

- Ethernet: native

- Battery: show percent, not show 2 battery

- HDMI: not test.

- Backlight keyboard: My laptop not have backlight.

- Audio: I used AppleALC with layout-id 29 (must edit a bit)

- Sleep/Wake/ Restart/ Shutdown: good

- SD card reader: good


And one problem couldn't fix Synaptics Finger print; the touchpad only onetouch for cilck, not use 2, 3 finger.


BTW, I attached my EFI in here. Hope everyone help me to fix my problem. I really thankful to @MaLd0n.

My EFI download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T_COBbGk4uHD-ws6DlKETrGOivGPME-Y/view?usp=sharing


Added in 1 minute 58 seconds:

My hackintosh can upgrade from the appstore, just down and install, not fix EFI. I got the GM to Final.

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