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Keyboard and sleep doesn't work

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Hello, i got problem with my keyboard and sleep, the touchpad is working great with all the gestures but i am not able to get the keyboard to work also sleep ain't working when i click it it goes to sleep wakes immediately and everything is pretty buggy and my external keyboard doesn't work after the wake. i will attach the files from the RunMe.app.

Thanks in advance.

Send me Rumens-MacBook-Pro.zip

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use ec0 to ec patch


When i click on sleep from the apple menu my second minor goes off and after 10 seconds the system goes to sleep and when i click on the internal keyboard it wakes up(it works only for waking up) but when the system wakes up it still doesn't works but even that the external keyboard doesn't work as well and it is very buggy when i click something it freezes and i have to wait a bit of time to respond and this means i have to restart

#edit: i used hackintool to patch ec0 to ec but still no result

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[ref]rumen[/ref], try acidenthera version


somehow i got it to work for like 10-15 seconds i can type my password at login screen and use it for like 10 more seconds or something but if i am typing something and the keyboard stops and the letter i was pressing before it stops keeps spamming its like something conflicts with it when the system fully loads after the login screen thats what i think how can i troubleshoot and see if something is conflicting that

#Edit: i fixed it with remove ApplePS2SmartTouchpad.kext and i got working keyboard and now when i try click on sleep the system goes to sleep but when i try to wake it up it the system starts but i got black screen

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