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Dual boot Windows 10/MacOS Mojave (and Catalina?) on Asus X550C

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Hi all!

So i have an ASUS X550C that i upgraded running windows 10. But i wanna run Mojave (and by extension Catalina, if thats possible?) on it. I have a VM running Mojave, but im fed up with the screen size being only 3/5 the actual size of my screen.

The X550C has been upgraded by me so the specs are now:

I5-3337U 2 core, 4 thread.


480GB Sandisk SSD

Intel HD4000 Graphics (Res is 1366x768)

Can i dual boot this machine?

I can't really find what i want online, so maybe im not being specific enough in my googling xD, which is why im here.

I'm used to playing with windows but have always wanted a Mac (and making one yourself is the best kind!)

Thanks in advance!

(a side note, this isnt the only computer on my list to try and hackintosh, so i will return with that tower too :) )

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