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Desktop z370 Mojave FORCING CS_RUNTIME for entitlement

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Good evening all, first and foremost thank you so much for your time. I have donated before and I definitely will again because this community is amazing.

So, I am trying to get my Desktop to run Mojave. Currently I am writing to you with the same Desktop running High Sierra. My build is as follows: MSI z370 SLI Plus mobo, i7-8700k, and right now on High Sierra I am using an nvidia 1070 ti. HOWEVER all of my testing of Mojave (I cant reach the installer, the error attached and more on that below) has been on a RX 560 4GB.

I also included my "Send Me" from my current High Sierra install so you can see my hardware better ( again using the nvidia on HIGH SIERRA NOT THE RX card - I cant boot High Sierra with the RX with my current install it seems to panic)

To try Mojave, I have been by unplugging the PCIE cables from the 1070 and plugging them into a RX 560 AMD card, currently both are in the machine yet there is no power to either one or the other depending on if I am trying to boot Mojave or High Sierra. My goal is to get the nvidia to shut off when I boot Mojave and use the NVIdA for gaming on windows. I have 2 seperate drives for these 2 and the windows one is unplugged.

The error I get is attached too.

What I have tried: https://hackintosh.gitbook.io/-r-hackintosh-vanilla-desktop-guide/

Also: https://www.elitemacx86.com/threads/guide-msi-z370-sli-plus-i7-8700k-16gb-ram-amd-rx580-wifi.127/

And I've also tried the: https://Olarila.com/files/Clover.Folder/CLOVER.SERIES.100.200.300.zip and the error screen I am attaching is again, using the RX 560 and a USB 2 drive, clean Mojave image, and a USB 2 port.

The funny thing is no matter what config I use, version of clover, kexts, I get the SAME error at the SAME time. Thoughts?

Thank you.

Send me - using nvidia on HIGH SIERRA NOT THE RX.zip

error screen EVERY TIME.zip

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Okay, here are my BIOS settings https://photos.app.goo.gl/oRN5K4RbLGDezxCK6 . (ALSO NOTE I did go ahead and change CSM to the other option that is there even though this isn't in the photograph.) Still same hang.

EDIT: so after MUCH reading i think my RX 560 is a bad card -- it is this brand and has been reported many times to cause issues with MacOS so I am on hold until I get a new card in


Thank you for all your help and I will be in touch in a week or so! thank you again

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