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Upgrade to High Sierra

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Hi, my workstation is running Sierra, with Clover UEFI bootloader. DSDT have been done by Maldonado and absolutely every part is working as native.

I’m thinking to upgrade to High Sierra and I see I can do just like a normal mac, just adding apfs.efi in EFI partition. My question is: is APFS working properly in hackintosh or is there any issues with it? Do I swap ssds to APFS or do keep them as HFS+J?

The swap from hfs to apfs is done also with data inside, don’t they need to be formatted? Can I lose data? Of course I’ll do a bootable copy of system.

Maybe I could upgrade directly to Mojave from Sierra, is this possible, or do I must paas through High Sierra? The problem for me with mojave is that it doesn’t support my gtx 950. ¿Are amd graphic cards easy to be fixed in hackintoshes?

This is my build:



3 ssds samsung evo 850

Gigabyte Geforce GTX 950 windforce 2 OC _ DDR5 2Gb

Is this build going to work with mojave catalina or higher?


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Ok! I'll convert to APFS

So I can upgrade to High Sierra, converting HFS+J to APFS and keep my nvidia or upgrade to Mojave directly with my integrated gpu (intel hd graphics 4600) and buy a native amd graphic (compatible).

So, last question:

- If I want to upgrade to High Sierra, where can I download the os, in app store only appears Mojave

- If I want to upgrade directly to Mojave...can I do directly from Sierra or do I must pass through High Sierra. In case I can do directly: HFS+j to APFS conversion is also done?

THANKS [ref]MaLd0n[/ref],

Added in 6 minutes 29 seconds:

Sorry! I found out the High Sierra installer: https://support.apple.com/es-es/HT208969

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