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Usb Booter

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Does anyone have a link to a ready made Catalina boot USB please, be it an Olarila raw image or other??

Could anyone share it?

Reason i ask is my main pc is down, dead, cant get anything mac wise installed, having issues, so i thought i may as well try catalina, but, no matter whether i download Catalina, Mojave or High sierra Olarila images on my laptop, when i try to extract the Bz2 image, its corrupted, I cannot figure why at all, ive tried with winzip, winrar, 7zip and peazip, same result, CRC failure, corrupted, cant work out why thats happening, but all i need is some links to raw images that are ready to burn.

Please, and many thanks, if anyone can share links

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[ref]donut70[/ref], https://Olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=10365

don't use download manager or accelerator


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