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Graphics card swap - old one still showing

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Just replaced my Quadro 4000 (2048 MB) with a Quadro K4200 (4096 MB Kepler series). Everything still works the same as it should, but all system profiler and indicators still show the old card in the system, and not enough VRAM to do some extended Adobe functions in my apps. How do I get the system to scan for a new video card even though they are using the same native driver from Apple/Clover?

Thanks.....just need my additional VRAM to function which is why I got it in the first place :-)

Added in 15 minutes 12 seconds:

Well I went into Photoshop preferences and the 4096MB shows available for 3D functions and my correct K4200 OpenGL engine is displayed. Before with the 4000 card, the 3D options were not available at all. I guess it is just cosmetic differences in profiler or about this Mac output?

Thanks anyway....

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