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If it ain't broke, don't fix it

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MacOS 10.14.4

Asus Prime Z390-a

i7 8700k


Radeon RX580 8GB

Crucial 1TB SSD (SATA) [other drives temporarily disconnected during repairs]

BCM94360CD on PCI adapter


Things have been up and running for a while, and I have been taking the "it's working so don't mess with it" approach. On Friday evening, we had a power outage (it's been 10 years since our last one, so it was a surprise) and my machine went down hard. When I powered it back on, it threw a memory allocation error and wouldn't boot. Power cycle; same result. Damn!


Well, I back things up by cloning the drive after any major changes... so time to boot to the backup, right? Wrong. Same behavior. Damn, this is going to involve actual work. And if I'm going to work on things, I may as well work on things, right?


So far I have:

Updated the motherboard BIOS (I was a few versions back) and made sure it still had the proper settings.

Updated Clover and kexts.


I have also pestered another person with the same motherboard who has updated more recently than I have, and he has been a helpful extra brain.


At this point things are almost right again. Almost. MacOS doesn't recognize my Bluetooth, which was working before. It's a natively-supported card, and the wifi portion of the card is working.


Kexts in play are:






WhateverGreen.kext (probably not needed)


Drivers in play are:





NTFS-64.efia (not needed at the moment, but there)


Patches in play are:




Any idea what I'm missing regarding the Broadcom card? As I said, wifi is fine; the Bluetooth potential of the card isn't even identified. I suppose there's the chance that the card took damage when the system went down, but it seems unlikely.

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[ref]AnonyManx[/ref], the bt is just onme injector, need it in some cases, check here



Hey, I was tied up with other things for a bit and now am back to trying to get BT resurrected.

I looked at the RehabMan things, but am not sure what I would do with some of that.

Here's a RunMe of the current state of things, which may differ (ever so slightly) from the previous RunMe. Help?

Send me HouseKitty.zip

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