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TS440 Mojave boot anomaly

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Hi there,

I recently upgraded my ThinkServer TS440 (fresh install) to Mojave. It is basically a Haswell type server with a trustworthy Nvidia Quadro 4000 card that handles Photoshop very well with two 30" HP Z30i monitors :-) Anyway, the install from the recent Olarila 10.14.6 image was a success....but each reboot (initial USB install, and post-install boot) I had to change a few things or I would get a panic stop every time:

1) Delete from boot line nv_drv=1

2) Graphics Injector -> uncheck 'Load Nvidia Web Drivers'

3) Graphics Injector -> check 'Inject NVidia'

4) Graphics Injector -> check 'Load Video BIOS'.

If any deviation from the above....the machine will not boot up to a desktop.

Now for the anomaly....after the install, and clover install into ESP, and copying all of the CLOVER folder from the Olarila USB over to my ESP, I ran Clover Configurator. I wanted to use it to make my config.plist so that I wouldn't have to keep doing the Clover changes above (steps 1-4).

My config.plist boot line now has the nv_drv=1 option removed, and also checking the boxes 'Inject NVidia' and 'Load Video BIOS'. But NOWHERE in the config.plist file does it say something like 'Use Nvidia Web Drivers'.....but yet the checkbox for loading Web Drivers under Graphics Injector is ALWAYS checked on each reboot as well as 'nv_drv=1' put back into my boot option! Where are these two options being populated from? This is a pain and I must manually boot my machine and physically be there to change options 1 & 2 above or the machine will panic and stop.

Appreciate any advice......I have attached my config.plist.

*Also, if anyone sees anything I am missing for my hardware, feel free to let me know. Here's the PDF/Specs of the TS440 machine:



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I'll run that app when I get home from work.....but the way things are working right now, my Quadro is working natively.....and I would like to keep it that way if possible, and not load NVWeb drivers unless absolutely necessary. I am surprised too, thought I would have to buy a Kepler series Quadro card for Mojave since I heard only Kelpers were supported now. My regular Quadro is one release before Kepler, but it's working as long as I tweak the clover injectors and boot line ;-)

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I figured it out - it was an NVRAM setting, and where it came from I have no idea. I did a 'nvram -p' and found a couple of nv_drv entries (that were being populated at boot up of course) and deleted them with a 'nvram -d ' and no more additions to my config-plist at boot time :-)

Thanks anyway :-)

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