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Mojave Won't Boot after Olarila install but before Clover was completed

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For starters I am a complete and total n00b

I have always worked on and owned Macs' (for 30 years) but never attempted a PC build or a Hackintosh.


i9900k 8 core CPU

z390 Gigabyte Designare

64GB - DDR4 3600 Preditor RAM

Sapphire VII GPU

EVO 860 1TB - Start up Drive

EVO 870 pro 1TB Cache

NZXT Kraken Water Cooler

Fractal Design Meshify C Case


Things were going swimmingly with this Olaria install method.


Within minutes Mojave was on my new build it was recognizing mice, keyboards and the usb ports I have tried were working.

I started to install Clover just like in STEP 7 in the above tutorial BUT the clover bootloader version had changed and not all of the drivers and efi's that I was instructed to select could be found (most but not all)... I was asking for assistance on the Hackintosh group on Facebook when I got a phone call I had to take (it was a long one) when I got back the monitor was asleep and I could not wake it up... so I restarted the computer (pressing f12) however instead of being greeted with teh Olaria screen as I had in the past it was a stretched out Clover screen with my SSD the Thumb drive a m.2 drive (which did not have the OS or Clover on it (or should not have) and a recovery drive) No matter which option I picked I received the same disappointing message.... the apple logo would flash on the screen then a big black and white circle with a slash (the NO / Go Away logo) would be onscreen.

So after many attempted restart / re-boots with the same ending I thought maybe it was something that I loaded on to my SSD start up disk so I popped it out of the computer installed it in an enclosure and reformatted the SSD with the hopes of reinstalling the Olaria image again..

No luck same screen with a circle and a slash.

Where do I go from here?

Any help is welcome!

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Everything I have tried just leads me back to the Clover Boot Manager.

1) Many restarts :-)

2) Removed and erased startup SSD (thinking maybe the issue was on that disk)

3) Ejected and reinstalled the Olaria installer onto my USB drive.

4) Tried to get into the Gigabyte Bios Menu by pressing F2 and that led me back to the Clover Boot Manager, so then I tried all the F buttons and none of them worked.

any suggestions?

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UPDATE - So I pulled the M.2 drive and Same Clover Boot Manager screen then I started it without the M.2, the Thumb Drive and still same Clover boot screen. HOWEVER IF I don't have any drives at all connected I do get the Gigabyte BIOS page (finally)...

So now that I have access to the Gigabyte BIOS menu do we think the issue lies in the setup there?

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Yes it is the most current version of Clover.

When no internal SSD's are installed I can now get Olaria installer screen from the USB stick... So I am guessing that clover mis-installed on my SSD and it did not get erased when I tried to erase my SSD on another computer... is there a trick for erasing the entire SSD with Clover on Mac OS Sierra?

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