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Thought I'd contribute as this forum has helped me; especially with the DSDT (Thanks again MaLd0n!)

I've successfully installed Mojave 10.14.5 onto a NUC, NUC7i7DNKE.

16gb (1 module, got another on the way) RAM, 256GB storage, built in network, built in wifi, built in bluetooth, audio via HDMI, USB3.

The Good:

For an average user, it's great. Boots to AFPS partition on NVME drive. download apps from the Appstore, view jpegs, watch videos (audio is via HDMI to monitor). Clover 4961 is installed. Verbose-less booting. prints fine (using bonjour). handbrake, makemkv, mkvtools, oceanaudio, all work great. Not quite a workhorse, a mule. steady and reliable.

The Bad:

For a power user, it's pretty good. System won't sleep/hibernate. However, it's my media server so I don't need this function.

Network is a little ... lackluster. I can do big downloads (5GB+) but not do that and use Plex. Once the transfer finishes, networking is fine. Maybe I'm seeing a lot of traffic due to the NAS being connected to my NUC so I can use Plex as a media server? I'll have to investigate.

The Ugly:

To get audio, I have to unplug the HDMI connection, then re-connect, after each boot.

Wifi doesn't work (supposedly a work-around with an adapter and an Apple Card exists, but as I don't need it, I won't bother)

Haven't tested bluetooth but as it's the same card as the wifi, I'm assuming the same caveat and again, as I don't need it, I won't bother.

All things considered, it's doing the job I need.

iBench score: 9.0

Cinebench score: 1486

Geekbench score: n/a (instead of buying this app, I donated to this board)

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If I allow the display to sleep, when I use the keyboard to wake the system, I get a white static screen which displays for a few seconds, blanks for a few seconds, backlights for about the combined time as the two other screens. I presume the display is having trouble syncing.

It does eventually sync after a few minutes.

The system IS responsive as I can ping and if I enter the password, it logs me in. How do I know? I use the built in vnc server and connect. I can see the lock screen and the desktop after I enter the password from the NUC's keyboard.

If I put the system to a full sleep, i.e. go to Apple Menu, select Sleep, it is completely unresponsive.

  • t won't respond to pings, despite being set to "wake for ethernet access."

    Wake on LAN tools have no effect when I send a packet. (or 20).

    Hitting the keys on the keyboard, no effect.

    Using the mouse, no effect.

    Hitting the power button, no effect.

    Holding the power button (1,2,3,4,5 secs) no effect.

Upon a restart, the "your system rebooted because of a failure" message appears and continues normally.

Upon login, I receive the error report.

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