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[SOLVED] HDMI doesnt work but DVI does on Gigabyte B360M-DS3H UHD630

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Hi there!

I have a working hackintosh in my system, but recently I bought a new monitor that only has HDMI and VGA ports, the old one I have only has DVI and VGA ports.

The old monitor works perfectly with DVI, I used a config.plist from tonycrapx86 that sets my con1 (index 2 on Hackintool, apparently the DVI port on my mobo) to busID 0x02.

I followed this guide https://www.tonycrapx86.com/threads/guide-general-framebuffer-patching-guide-hdmi-black-screen-problem.269149/ and found out that con2 (index 3) corresponds to the HDMI port on my mobo, but no matter what combination of busIDs I try, I always get a No Signal on the new monitor.

The only time something shows up is if I set both con1 and con2 busIDs to 0x02, but then both screens show a lot of noise and then only the DVI shows my desktop, albeit with black lines in the screen, in this case the new monitor displays a messed up constant image of my desktop.

Please help me, this is the config.plist I'm using, thanks


:frantics I got it working, now my hackintosh is fully 100% working. :frantics

What I did was enable "Intel HDMI" patch and set con2 (index 3) busID to 0x04.

You may need to connect one monitor at a time after booting up (dual display works, but if I start up with both displays connected, the HDMI goes black, but its detected, I need to disconnect both of them and then connect them one by one)

The full connector layout goes like this:


1 0x06 18 DP 0x000003C7 <-- NOT TESTED

2 0x02 18 HDMI 0x000003C7

3 0x04 18 HDMI 0x000003C7

-1 0x00 0 DUMMY 0x00000020

For the users who may need this in the future, here's the full config.plist, with no errors that I catch while booting and everything working (HDMI, DVI, full acceleration, 2048MB VRAM, sleep, shutdown, brightness etc.) :guitar:guitar:guitar


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