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Computer restart when working in Xcode

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After I managed to run smooth High Sierra on my old LGA775 mobo, I purchased from Udemy an iOS developer course.

Now another problem appear. When I work in Xcode, especially on Main.Storyboard, my screen goes black and computer restarts without any error. This happens on every project I started. How can I figure out what is the problem?

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It appears to be from the video driver. I installed latest Nvidia web driver and until now Xcode is working fine with no restarts. Now my old problem returns and I don't know how to patch audio driver to have sound on hdmi port. Without Nvidia driver installed, 37LG3000 appear on HDMI sound output when my TV was turned on. Now with Nvidia driver installed I have only image on my TV and no audio. Can you give me a link to learn how to patch audio driver to enable hdmi sound on my Nvidia GTX 670 video card?

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