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Help DSDT Patch Battery 0%

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Hi, anyone here experienced with 0% battery stucks?

on the feb 2019, i got help from reHab, and the battery seems still stucks on 0% like this


then i try to dump file by my self, and try fix thru the guide from rehab. fix the batre with N55SL patch, its show no error on macisl, and boot well no acpi error on verbose mode, but the kext wont load properly, sound wifi etc wont work..

any word would be helpfull, andplease help me to fix this, thankyou!

heres my spec

Asus K401LB, i5-5200, 6gigs of ram, 1tb hardisk, ar9285


Added in 7 minutes 9 seconds:

help by @maldon, my mistakes

Added in 2 minutes 48 seconds:

help by @mald0n,

my mistakes

Send me Faizuddins-MacBook-Pro.zip




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