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The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer

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On every boot this message pops up


High Sierra is installed on my 240GB SSD

On the 1TB HDD I have my old Windows and Linux

My bios is Legacy with AHCI enabled.

When I change in bios boot priority with my HDD as first option, grub shows and I can boot to windows or linux.

When first option is my SSD, clover shows with multiple options and after 5 sec automatically boot in High Sierra.

The old HDD is partitioned and formatted by the windows installer. I have 2 ntfs windows partition and 1 ext3 linux partition, windows recovery partition and linux swap partition

Disk utility shows like this


What can I do to be able to boot windows or linux from clover and to mount my ntfs windows partition in High Sierra in Read/Write mode?

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I need to save first some files I have on drive.

I read about a windows 10 system32 app called mbr2gpt. It is possible to convert the drive without formatting?

MiniTool Partition Wizard also have the option to Convert MBR Disk to GPT Disk.

I will save important files from drive and I will try with MiniTool first. If will fail I will format the drive.

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Indeed, didn't worked. The disk partition is GPT now, I can boot windows from EFI partition, but in High Sierra the same message pops up every boot and the disk appear Uninitialized. Yesterday I moved all my important files to an external HDD and today I will format the drive.

Can I format the drive from macOS with Disk Utility? I need 1 partition for Windows, 1 partition for data. I want this Data partiton to be mounted in High Sierra.

What partition should I use for this drive?

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Today I solved the problem.

Formating from High Sierra was not working.

When I try to Erase the disk from Disk Utility It gave me the error "Unable to write the last block"

In windows the disk was visible. I format the disk from windows with GPT and exFat. No errors.

Back to High Sierra the disk remains Uninitialized.

Then i download AppleAHCIPort.kext v328 (file attached) and placed in Library/Extensions and in /EFI/Clover/kexts/Other

After reboot the disk volume showed on dektop. I formated from Disk Utility with ExFat format and GUID Partition Map

This time operation was succesfull.

Now I cand read-write on disk from MacOS and Windows

After this fix I noticed the boot time improved from 2 mins to 20-30 sec


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