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Need correct dsdt for Asrock Z370M ITX AC

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hello everyone and the brilliant community of hackintosh

its great i use Olarila mojave bootable usb hackintosh and straight work out of the box with graphics metal accelaration all but one thing that keeps bother me is i think i dont have the right USB Kext or something like that because im facing a problem when plug in my external hdd WD 1TB and doesnt detect it or even visible at disk utility or anything that i plug into some of the usb 3.0 ports some are working some are not. so i tried to playing around with config and end up broken my config and cont boot anymore. but i have Olarila to save the day! im quite new in hackintosh hope someone could help me with the patching that are needed for my Mojave Setup's.

Thanks in advance

Ardyan Leopard

here is the files needed

http:// http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=90554162771690575279 :guitar

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thanks maldon for the help now my hack is better with proper dsdt. but i still cant mount my external hdd but in windows it can be detected. im not sure wht is going on.

Thanks alot Mald0n you rock! :guitar:guitar

Added in 26 minutes 47 seconds:

oh wait its detected my external hdd! yey :guitar:guitar:guitar

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