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SSDT - Same errors over and over

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Hello, i am new to the topic DSDT and SSDT patching.

I have managed to fix most of the errors of my DSDT and SSDT files for my laptop.

But in two of the SSDT's there are the the same errors over and over when i click compile in MaciASL.

I don't see in the code where the errors could be.

Can somebody help me to fix the errors in my files?

I have attached to this topic all my files. The errors are in SSDT-0... and SSDT-1...

Or at least an explanation for what I can do or what I do wrong.



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Oh ok, I didn't know that. I thought I have to fix all of the files.

This is a Laptop: Wortmann Terra Mobile 1529H with the motherboard: Clevo W550SU1

This are the complete specs:

15,6" WXGA (1366x768)

Intel Haswell HM86 Chipset, Intel Core i5-4210M, Intel HD Graphics 4600, 8GB Samsung DDR3L 1600MHz Ram,

Samsung 850 EVO SSD mSATA, DVD Drive SATA, Toshiba SATA HDD,

Realtek RTL8111 PCI-E Networkcard, Realtek ALC269 Soundcard,

OS X Mojave + Clover (4868) UEFI Boot

The Problem is that for the sound I have to use VoodooHDA patch because AppleALC doesn't work (I have testet all layout-id's).

When I close the lid, the screen turn off but the laptop is still going (for example music is still playing). And when I open it, the screen doesn't turn on again. I have to force power off and restart the laptop.

HDMI doesn't work at all (a pluged monitor wont even show in display settings).

I can't change the backlight brightness.

All other I think works good. iMessage and Facetime work. Even my frontcamera work. Headphone and Microphone work. Internal and the 3,5mm plugs. The internal speaker work only mono, so I have to slide in the audio option complete to the left speaker. But headphone work both so I guess it is only a problem with the VoodooHDA patch.

The keys for audio volume change work too. But for the brightness they don't.

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[ref]alex2244[/ref], DSDT.aml.zip

use it

change EHC1 to EH01

change EHC2 to EH02

change GFX0 to IGPU

change HECI to IMEI

change SAT0 to SATA


after reboot send _me full dump



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Sorry for the delay. I had to work.

I applied the changes from the code box to my clover config.plist.

Then I run the RunMe.app.

I attached the created file here.

I hope the kext which are still loaded from clover or the other changes which I made on my system doesn't affect the result of the RunMe App.

Send me Alexanders-MBP.fritz.box.zip

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Ok I put the DSDT file from you in the Clover patched folder and make sure that is loaded.

I am not sure what to expect.

The System runs like before. When I close the lid music is still playing and the screen doesn't turn on again on open, I have to make a hard reset.

But when I force turn off the laptop and turn it on again it behaves like it is woke up (spotify an other apps are still open).

The "sleep" button on the apple logo in the upper left corner works partly. music stops playing and the screen turn off. after a click with the mouse or keyboard it turns on again (but the rest of the system is running for example the hard drive or the fans.)

Did I have to turn off all other fixes from the clover configurator or deleting kexts or something like that?

Or must I put the SSDT* files in the "patched" folder too?

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Ok here is the new .zip created with the RunME app with the new DSDT in the patched folder.

Can you help me to understand some terms?

"To inject" means that OS X see a device which it doesn't see out of the box?

For example "inject NVIDIA" means that OS X see a NVIDIA card which are without inject it don't see?

A patched DSDT means that I don't need to set anything in the CloverConfigurator ACPI Section?

To fix a DSDT means that I have to solve all the errors when I click compile in MaciASL?

What exactly do a DSDT "patch"? My knowledge is, that it makes a device to act like on a real mac?

Send me Alexanders-MBP.fritz.box.zip

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