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WIFI Not work Mojave

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[ref]bobenia[/ref], internal WiFi won't work, because apple uses only some special Wifi adapters and experienced hackintoshers have told me that Wifi and NVIDIA wont work on laptops.

So i bought TP-LINK TL-WN823N USB Wifi, which i have tested under High Sierra and Mojave and can confirm that after driver installation from TP-LINK works perfect 100%

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Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra Wifi and newer NVidias wont work - nobody can make them work.

For Wifi some special card needs to be bought , better go through external usb wifi with MacOS drivers (must have MacOS support like mine)

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Btw your Wifi usb is much more expensive than mine and i can guarantee that it works in High Sierra and Mojave

Yours btw from ASUS Driver site:

ASUS USB-AC53 Nano Driver v1830.15.b11 for MAC OS

Please be noted this driver package is for countries except AU.

Support OS: MAC 10.7~10.12

Supported till Sierra(10.12) ... so High Sierra and Mojave no guarantees ...

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one off topic question if you can also help.

I install windows 10 in parallels virtual machine and I cant install drivers for graphic cards inside it on Sierra

can't figure out hove to install graphic drivers. it-s important as I can't start 3dsmax software without graphic driver

Nvidia GTX 980 Ti 2x



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