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Help Please!!! whats the first step!

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I just downloaded macOS OS X Sierra 10.12 hackintosh Olarila from pirate bay, I have windows laptop,

Do I have to add or minus anything from that file to get it to work?

What are the first steps? I already downloaded win 32 disk imager

thanks in advance

I have a Samsung NP300E5C-A07US

this was the description on the page

MD5 (Install macOS Sierra.raw) = 26e016793fb3bcbdc2c9ba9bd99e70bb

Copy the .raw file to an USB stick




diskutil list

diskutil unmountDisk /dev/diskX (replace X by the USB stick identifier)

sudo dd if=[drag and drop the raw file in terminal] of=/dev/rdiskX bs=1m

If you have questions please use the forum


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