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I added a new 2nd graphics card for Virtual machines and passthrough. I am nervous about loading the dsdt you provided me before. Was hoping to get a new one if possible. The 2nd gpu is not used for putting off a display nothing is hooked to it. The configuration I currently have for displays is working flawlessly

I also noticed that im currently using 10gb of wired ram at start up of osx. Im also unable to do any updates at all I before the reinstall and after. Wasn't sure if patch would help with this or not.

ps. I no longer use PayPal and refuse to link my card to them do you accept donations on any others perhaps facebook messenger?

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here is my current runme and the first dsdt you provided me.

Send me ph33rzs-Mac-Pro.zip

DSDT Old.zip

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[ref]ph33rz[/ref], u need disable one card?

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no I don't think so I mean I do believe that atm the card is disabled but when I had it enabled I wasn't able to have it not put off a display it would either mirror or extend even if there wasn't a monitor plugged in

I thought that If used the old dsdt file you've made for Me it would would break the gfx config

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if im honest I really don't even know how I got the 650 to stop putting off a display I just know that when my machine is booting the display is the 650 and acts like primary but when osx boots it switches to the 1080 and uses the 1080 without trying to put off display to the 650 but still shows the 650 in the system report with drivers.

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