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Intel UHD630 Accelerate

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Mobo: B360M D2V

CPU: intel Core i7 8700

Intel UHD 630

OS: MacOS 10.13.6 High Sierra 8th ver

I've tried to make it possible to get full acceleration for over week, but unfortunately I am still seeing 7MB VRAM.

I used 2 Displays(VGA and DVI) when I tried to install MacOS with Olarila_10.13.6_8th raw image, but the display that was connected with DVI were gone to blank screen while loading.

So I had to update config.plist for intelGFX and ig-platform-id (intelGFX: 0x59168086, ig-platform-id: 0x3E9B0007)

After change this, the DVI port was working with proper resolution, but still VRAM size 7MB, and sometimes flickering.

I've tried to update kext files, changed SMBIOS from iMac1,x to iMac18,x, but it's not working yet.

Any good suggestion?



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if u use a high sierra have a easy way, like DVMT fix via one injector


try with only Inject Intel with last clover version

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Thanks for your kindness,

But still I got a problem with DVI.

When I don't input IntelGFX like screenshot, it's working well with VGA, but the resolution is only 1240 x 1080 and DVI doesn't work.

If I change this value 0x59128086 or 0x59168086, then I can see DVI works, but VRAM was still 7MB.

Please help.

Hope to make this for Xmax present.



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