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Enable Hardware Encoding?? Mojave i5 4440 GTX770

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Hello, everyone,

I have a working hackintosh under mojave 10.14.1 (asus H97M-E, i5 4440 haswell, gtx770) a recent configuration as you can see: p.

Nevertheless MOJAVE runs perfectly, I have a dual 24-inch 1080p 60hz dual screen connected to the graphics card.

My problem: I use a cloud computing service to play because there is a mac client. This allows me to be able to stream without difficulty given the obsolescence of my hardware. Under Windows with the OBS service I can use NVENC hardware encoding, only under mac os I don't have this possibility, so when I launch my broadcast software my cpu goes up in charge to encode software and nothing is fluid anymore while under w10 I have no problem since it is the graphics card that encodes.

My question is quite simple: is it possible to enable h264 hardware encoding with my configuration.

I have boot with lilu and whatevergreen kext but i don't see my internal graphic processor. I only see my graphic Card

My hackintosh is configured as an iMac 15.1 for maximum compatibility with my CPU generation.

Graphics acceleration and dual screen are perfectly supported, only the hardware encoding with the graphics card rather than the CPU is missing.

If you have any leads I am totally interested and if you need more elements do not hesitate I will answer.

Thank you in advance.

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thanks i test this right now.

Added in 6 minutes 31 seconds:

ok it's the dump file in attached files. The boot is ok with igpu activated.

Added in 4 minutes 27 seconds:

but i don't see igpu in my system.

Added in 5 minutes 41 seconds:

However, I no longer have any sound with AppleALC.kext

Added in 6 minutes 3 seconds:

I would like to specify that I boot from the clover of my installation key, once functional I will replace the EFI folder

Send me kevins-imac.home.zip


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[ref]Absolem[/ref], Is correct, a correct config for hardware acceleration, IGPU don't appears there, but u can see in ioreg

use only my clover folder and put DSDT in clover/acpi/patched


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Hardware encoding to active air now but my processor is still as much in charge even by selecting the right encoder in OBS. I really don't understand why, whereas under Windows 10, it's perfectly managed, and to admit it all, it pis*es me off to have to switch to this OS just to stream. I'll run some tests and see how it turns out.

Added in 5 minutes 2 seconds:

I don't know how to use ioreg, sorry for my newbie attitude but the last hackintosh how i have mount the bootloader was chameleon... And it was easier to use in my memories,

Added in 23 minutes 22 seconds:

Nevertheless, a big thank you to you! As soon as I can I buy you a beer ;)

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[ref]Absolem[/ref], u try a fcpx, brucex bench and other?


I havent try bench, but I saw the active hardware acceleration in the videoproc settings.

Despite this in my broadcast software (obs) encoding still makes me increase the cpu to 50/60% against 10% under w10 and encoding via nvench. I really can't figure out why and it forces me to switch back to w10 during my stream sessions.


[ref]Absolem[/ref], Hello! I had a same problem but i found a solution you need try this method for Easy Enable Full Graphics Card Acceleration!: https://Olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=7469 :guitar


Thanks but MaLd0n has already solved my problem, but I'll keep your explanations under control.

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[ref]Absolem[/ref], use IGPU only if need, check h264 4k

MaLd0n 2018-11-20 às 18.57.26.png


Added in 21 seconds:

when OBS is open...

Added in 3 minutes 20 seconds:

when OBS is closed my GFX is always use at 1,10... My configuration is to older perhaps...



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[ref]Absolem[/ref], no, same config ;)


Thanks, i think i will change to this graphic cards in few day... I would be sure to have a compatible graphics card in case of a change of my CM and processor. I think i will go to i5 8400 and ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-G GAMING Wi-Fi AC next year.

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