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H310M-HDV motherboard Hackintosh

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I have searched everywhere for help with the Asrock h310m hdv motherboard. I have finally installed Mojave after many trials and error. I first want to say thanks to Maldon. He is the one that got me this far. I tried for many days just to get the usb installer to boot. I found out finally after making many changes in the bios and making new usb drives that it actually is the bios itself. I had the latest version 3.30 installed on the motherboard and could get it to load. I downgraded the bios to 3.00 and it finally booted the installer. The settings in the bios are the same as most other motherboards. The other problem I was having was when I finally got the boot loader to start the screen would timeout. I got around this by having HDMI and DMI cables attached to the monitor. Apparently it is switching out at boot. I haven't been Hackintoshing for a long time and I am no expert so please forgive me if I say something incorrect. The system is running very well now but, still not perfect. I had an issue with sound and used HDA to get it going. The board is suppose to be an 882 kext but I couldn't get sound to work with it. After you install the HDA then you'll have to turn the gain down to remove the static sound and can control it with regular volume controls. Thank you Maldon for your help. If this helps you please donate to This website to keep it going.

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Here is the clover file that works for the board if you need it.


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