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Hakintosh Mojave 10.14 in intel processor G4560

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OI, I have a machine with the following settings:

Mobo: Gigabyte GAH110M-M.2

Memory Ram crustial 2400Hz 8 Gb

Intel Processor Kaby Lake Pentium G4560

With these settings I can run Mojave 10.14 very well, with some caveats.

* Video card ntel HD Graphics 610 recognized but without graphics acceleration with only 5mb Vram

* DSDT not configured

* Unrecognized pci-e x1 network card (RTL8188CE 802.11b / g / n WiFi Adapter)

Could you give me a light to improve my hack?

To do so follow the DSDT's extracted from the clover via F4, my current clover folder with kexts and plist valid so far

F4 clover DSDT EXTRACTED zip.zip



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MaLdOn you are the best, very happy here all recognized and working, thank you. About HD 610 I saw someone posting on the insanymac something about it I will not give up, my guess is that it works to make the kexts of 615 or 620, already thank you for the attention!

Added in 19 minutes 38 seconds:

MaLdOn which WiFi wlan USB do you recommend for me to use Mojave and Windows compatible? Could you report some makes and models?

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MaLd0n, Good morning, I'm in trouble with the crab I can not make it work, it returns me the message "sorry you can repeat what you said", in the settings does not appear the option to change the source of the microphone as in the High Sierra. microphone works perfectly and is picking up normal in other programs. Can you give me a light?

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Hello MaLd0n, please help me! I'm having a radeon 7950 video card that I can not boot into my hakingtosh, could you help me? I tried to inject by the clover without success, when it loads the video gives black screen what should I do? on windows, working perfectly. I also noticed that when I run gpuz on windows it brings me the attached info


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MaLd0n, I took a look at the link that sent me and there they talk about some boot commands to which I added in the boot argument without success. video crashes when initializing. I have installed the kext's of WhateverGreen and lilu but I can not move forward. Would you have any more information about it? for example you need some fake id for correction

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Hello MaLd0n! on the subject of Radeon 7950, found a Russian site https://www.applelife.ru/threads/pereproshivka-i-ustanovka-amd-radeon-hd-7950-7970-dlja-macpro.41965/ with a very good topic . They reported on the need to extract and inject the ROM from the video card into the mac. Because the topic is old, the link to download the required files is broken. I have already extracted the rom from my 7950.rom card bios and I particularly found the very complex applied method using java 7 to perform the command "/makerom.sh --efifile 7950mac.efi --romfile = = = efiromheader.rom --originalrom card_name rom --devid = 679a "...

Do you know of any more efficient method of injecting the bios via rom? via DSTD or even clover?

Thank you in advance for your patience!

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Hello MaLd0n, sorry to be bothering you with this subject yet, but I'm confused with this problem, getting me sleepy. about radeon 7950, I managed to advance in some aspects, after a lot of grating, editing of dsdt, modifications to the plist of kexts amd7000controler, amdradeonx4000 with insertions of ID of my card and extraction of vbios (with dcpimanager) and patch via clover, I have now full HD resolution. my frustration is not to get VRAM above 5m, even inserting into the clover. Can you tell me which kext does this control? and some modification to change that condition?

Adicionado a 8 minutos 5 segundos:

follows some files for appreciation

Adicionado a 1 minuto 57 segundos:


Adicionado a 2 minutos 29 segundos:



dsdt and kext.zip

IONDRVSupport 1.kext.zip


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