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Get help with DSDT file

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Hello everyone !

I'm a newbie, I've tried to find out from various websites about installing hackintosh. And I use the installer Orelila high sierra to conduct the installation.

- But my system seems to be operating unstably. The problem of the internet works well, kext sounds seem incompatible. I have to install many times to have the probability of receiving sound.

- And after nearly a week of operation, the hackintosh drive suddenly failed to boot.

- It may be that the problem lies in my DSDT file making them unstable.

- I would like to ask for the help of a more experienced person to create a DSDT file for my system. I would like to send system configuration:

Main: gigabyte P61A-D3

CPU : i5 2400

GPU : GTX 960

My English is bad, I hope you understand. Thank you!

send me.zip

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[ref]tuananh19.01[/ref], DSDT.aml.zip

Hi admin !I have used admin's DSDT file for high sierra 10.13.6 on my pc. But now I have problems with SLEEP and USB 3.0 functionality.

- I can not wake up my computer when they are sleeping. I have to use the power button on the PC to wake up. Then continue using the reset button to reboot. While restarting feature the same shutdown works fine!

For usb 3.0 port I have tried to install "usb inject all" with kext ultility. But that does not work with the system.

- Also other features work perfectly!

Please help!

send me.zip

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