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Fix sleep/wave help me

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having same problem here. I have tried to boot with yout Intel 8 series folder - but Clover will not load even. Have tried to move the folders (renaming existing folders) into my working clover - still wont boot.

I am using the DSDT.aml that you generated for me - but I cannot get the system to wake from sleep. USB and screen do not seem to wake up (No USB power to my keyboard - and nothing on screen / screen not waking up.

Attached is the file generated from the RunMe.app, could you please point me in the right direction (enjoy the beer!) Thanks

Send me Neales-iMac.zip

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Thanks MaLd0n. I am an impatient type... and while waiting for your answer tried several things. NVidia Web Drivers (the default MacOS drivers work fine for my Asus GeForce GT730 - just not for waking from sleep) tried disabling AppleIntelCPUPM in clover (read it was not required for Haswell Processors) and was not sure that a patch USB3 was applied - so tried to add a kext patch.

In any case, when I tried to wake from sleep with the power button - same thing. If I wake using the USB keyboard - it gets power, but nothing else - and the screen does not turn on. When I use the power button the USB keyboard never gets power.

So it would seem that either the graphics card and / or USB are preventing waking from sleep. I am now going to revert back to how I was when I used the RunMe.app and try waking using the power button again. Pretty sure I did that but it did not work.

I really appreciate your help, how can I go about troubleshooting this - any steps you would recommend. Anything I can look at in the output of the RunMe.app?

When you created the DSDT.aml file for me, I was still trying to get OSX HighSierra installer running - and was not concerned about graphics, but I am so pleased with the setup now - everything is working pretty much flawlessly except the onboard Wi-Fi of my desktop that I have not tried - it is hard wired to Gb ethernet - so that's not a concern for me.

Getting sleep working is my main concern -I appreciate any help / tips you might have. Thanks.

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Not a lot to see in a video. The computer goes to sleep, fans and USB devices off, the power button on my Dell XE2 blinks. Its asleep. Wake it up using power button or USB keyboard - the USB devices wake, the fans turn on, the power button is normal - but the screen does not wake up.

I am completely new to DSDT editing (I'm looking to try to understand) but it seems that maybe I dont have a _GPE method to wkae the graphics cars in the DSDT.aml. Does that make any sense or ave I completely misunderstood? (Probably)

Of course I am using a discrete non EFI Asus Nvidia GeForce GT730 2GB graphics card -metal is supported - so now I have USB waking from sleep (my keyboard backlight lights where it did not before) since enabling SlpSmiAtWake enabled - I think the only think not waking up is the Graphics / display.

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