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VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

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Thanks for your support.

I changed from FakeSMC to VirtualSMC.

It works without problems.

However, I looked at the kernel log and found it.

kernel: (kernel) VirtualSMC: efend @ failed to find valid status (800000000000000, 8), VirtualSMC EFI module is broken

Can I ignore this?

yes, ignore, but report it for dev, he solve it in next releases

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is there any tutorial or special requirement to install virtualsmc on Olarila hackintosh? i tried to install virtualsmc using hackintool and remove fakesmc, but unable to boot and stuck on AppleLMUController:: getSMCProvider Error: Wait for AppleSMC

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[ref]aryaone[/ref], just put kexts in clover/kexts/other


i already tried to put kexts in clover/kexts/other, but resulting error in getsmcprovider

then i try to choose "boot with injected kext" on clover, and its booting well and all the sensor working, but the trouble now is my sound is gone (it's working well before)

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