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X79 Wake problem

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Hello, I can't wake my pc from sleep running high Sierra, I tested versions from 10.3.0 to 10.3.6 without success, before high Sierra the wake process works like charm.

Now when I press the wake button (or any key on keyboard) system wakes and motherboard runs in infinity loop, debug display of motherboard repeating the same sequence forever (even reset button not working).

I tired with clover and Ozmosis.

I don't use many kexts, fakesmc, voodoohda, sensors and intel ethernet kext.

Problem is appear on every x79 system, no matter if Asus asrock or msi.



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Thanks for response, is any way to debug the wake process; I can inject any efi driver on mb bios for debugging if any exists and if it is possible to debugging wake process.

Btw the last debug code on wake process is "5A" (internal cpu error)

i will give a try the 10.14 (Mojave) but I'm afraid that will not work.

I will keep the thread updated.

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