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Intel HD3000 works QE-CI under macOS Mojave Beta 2

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A good news for you whom are using Intel HD3000 graphics under macOS Mojave 10.14 Beta 2 (18A341h):

Now, it's possible to get QE/CI enabled by using these following kexts from Sierra 10.12.6:

(you don't need to backup anything, since these kexts have gone from 10.14 #LoL)







Install them using Kext Utility.app, then run (or just use Olarila.command to rebuild kernelcache, prelinkedkernel, dyld..):


sudo rm -f /System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup/kernelcache && sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions && sudo kextcache -u / && sudo update_dyld_shared_cache -force



... then reboot your mach to test.

Applicable hackintosh method for enabling this graphics acceleration feature is still same as Sierra (since you're using 10.12's kexts).

I at the 1st time have shared this info here: https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/macos-10-14-mojave-on-unsupported-macs-thread.2121473/page-35#post-26177016 and confirmed by some (even many) real MacBook Pro users, it works great (just a little issue with Menu Bar transparency when Appearance=Light, but it seems Beta bug)!

Good luck & happy hackintosh! :)

Laptop: Asus A43SJ (MBP10,1) with Intel Core i3-2330M, nVIDIA GeForce GT 520M 1GB (Fermi GF119)

running macOS Mojave 10.14 (18A314h), OS X El Capitan 10.11.6, Ubuntu 18.04 and Windows 10.

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Hi badruzeus, thanks for this information! Could you help me troubleshoot my setup, which uses this information? It's HD3000, i3-2015, H61N-USB3, Mojave Dev B2, Clover 4586, System ID iMac13,2.

It boots to the login screen, but then becomes unresponsive in a few seconds. Sometimes I can log in, before it freezes, sometimes it freezes before logging in. Strangely, the mouse still moves, but the keyboard doesn't and nothing can be selected with the mouse. I placed the Intel kexts from 10.12.6 in S/L/E/.

Do you have any idea what could be causing this? How can I take Clover logs or system logs (when system is unresponsive). Are there new FirmwareFeatures and BIOS dates needed for Mojave?

Thanks for any help you can give, let me know what information more you might need!

EDIT: It's definitely related to adding these HD3000 kexts from Sierra. When they are added, the graphics are the correct resolution, but the system hangs/graphics freeze at login. Without the HD3000 kexts, the system boots and works correctly, but the monitor is seen as external and resolution is terrible. Do I need other settings in combination with the HD3000 kexts? Cheers!

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thanks for sharing your hint. ! :D

It works on my mobo gigabyte H67N-USB3-B3 and now I have got the QE enabled on my Intel HD 3000

I have used Kexts from Sierra 10.12.6 as you have told.




MacMini Gygabyte H67N-USB3-B3 Intel Core i5-2500K intel Hd3000
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Same here...For my case, I don't have AppleIntelHD3000GraphicsGA.kext, but AppleIntelHD3000GraphicsGA.plugin instead because those are what were set to work and provided in some other place. The graphics has got QE/CI enabled, but the screen is foggy. I need that last piece to see if it would finally correct my screen. And please, someone needs to stand up and say which kexts, bundles, and plugins are needed for HD 3000 in Mojave for once because I've seen so many threads and blogs from all different places that differ in information. :x At least the list here matches that from MacRumors. Same user, I guess? :)

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