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Kabylake Pentium g4600

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Obrigado pela sua resposta. Eu não consigo encontrar quem o tenha feito, mesmo em fóruns internacionais. E já li que seria incompatível. Funcionará com fakecpuid?

Para o g4560:

The ID of the CPU needs to be set to a Haswell CPU in your config.plist to 0x0306A0 which is why FakeCPUID.kext is required. Unfortuantely Skylake ID of 0x0506E3 which is used for Kabylake Hackintosh’s is not bootable with the Kabylake Pentium G4560. This is the code that will be needed to inserted into your config.plist under KernelAndKextPatches




The iMac 17,1 SMBIOS is what’s used for Skylake/Kabylake Hackintoshes so this is what we’ll use for the G4560 Hackintosh. You can also use the iMac 14,2 SMBIOS instead if you wanted too, to match the Haswell CPU ID set in KernelAndKextPatches.

Será igual para o g4600?

Eu li o seguinte :

I tried a G4600 and I was able to install 10.12.5 however I could not get accelerated graphics working. I swapped it out for an i3-7100 and did not have any problems.

Maybe G4600 will work better with the upcoming release of OS X that supports Kaby Lake (both the G4600 and the i3-7100 I am using are Kaby Lake). But trying to boot the G4600 with the fake CPU id that works with other Kaby Lake processors doesn't work. Maybe there is a way to get it working but if you want a smooth build, I'd go with an i-series CPU.

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Você já tem o processador ou está pensando em comprar?

Ele diz que conseguiu instalar o 10.12.5 mas o vídeo não funcionou acelerado. Talvez no 10.12.6 que terá suporte a Kabylake.

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