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Little problems with El Capitan

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So i just installed El Capitan from a fresh install,

and it is doing great, liked the new Nvidia Webdrivers cuz now my EVGA GTX960 4gb its working way better now,

but something very weird happens, when im using display port, all dark colors like gray gradients, kind o flicker little, its hard to explain,

its like this small vertical lines moving form side to side, on DVI this doesn't happen, on windows neither, i haven't tried display port on yosemite so im not sure if its el capitan related.

Another BIG problem at least for me is that my Lenovo mouse does NOT work at all for inexplicably reason, it works on yosemite normally, but even on my Macbook Air with El Capitan it doest work,

on System Profiler it shows up as a "Composite Device" on the Usb ports, and on yosmeite it works normally, i think it might be related to the new SIP cuz there is no reason to kill support for a mouse.

the mouse model its a Lenovo Laser MOBGBO.

If somebody have bene through some of those issues please tell me if there is a solution.

Thanks a Lot


InspironBook Pro: macOS 10.12.2/Windows 10 Intel Core i5-5200URam 8GB DDR3240GB SSD Intel HD Graphics 5500

iMac Pro: macOS 10.12.2/Windows 10 Intel Core i7-4790K Ram 16GB DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GTX960 EVGA 4GB

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