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[GUIDE] [HP G5000 CTO] iATKOS S3 (v2) 10.6.3 --> 10.6.8 Upd.

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After alot of work, reading the internet, collecting files/kext;s and lot's of installations, i finally got iATKOS S3 10.6.8 working including every driver on my HP G5000 Laptop. I never tried hackintosh and i'm fairly new into this, i'm still happy everything worked out eventually. iATKOS was never a problem to setup for the very first time, i only once experienced a KP due to wrong customize setup in EasyBeast > cpu management (had all 3 options marked instead of Voodoo PState only).

I'll post the steps in 3 catagories that i have performed to archive this for anyone who has trouble installing Hackintosh on similar hardware. iATKOS Install, 10.6.8 Combo Update, Post 10.6.8 Update

note: I'll be adding the mentioned apps and kext's to googledrive later. If you need them, in the mean time, try google search (That's how i got most of them).


My Specs;

Model: HP G5000 CTO

Dualboot: Windows 8.1 Pro & Mac OS X 10.6.8 (32-Bit)

Processor: Intel Celeron M 440 @ 1,86GHz 1MB L2 (MMX, SS2, SS3) x86

Bridge: Intel 943/945GML

RAM: 2GB DDR2 (2x 1GB 533)


DIS: 15,6" 1280x800 @ 60hz

VGA: Intel GMA950 128MB

ETH: Realtek RTL8139

WIFI: Broadcom BCM4311

Optic: DVD-RW DL



#. iATKOS S3 (v2) DVD

#. a free FAT32 Partition (~20GB) on your harddrive. Make sure it's flagged as Primary and NOT Extended.

(For windows 7/8 users check Windows Partition Manager)

#. multishit 3.10.1.zip (Copy to USB flashdrive or windows partition).

#. Patched IOPCIFamily.kext (Copy to USB flashdrive or windows partition).

#. Legacy Kernel 10.6.8 v2.zip (Copy to USB flashdrive or windows partition).

#. Optional: Mac OS X Combo Update 10.6.8.dmg from Apple site pre-iATKOS or download via AppleUpdate after iATKOS install.

[installing iATKOS S3]

1). Boot up your iATKOS S3 DVD

2). When loaded press forward (-->) on main screen but do not continue on the next page.

3). Click Utility's > Disk Utility

4). Select your FAT32 Partition and click; Format as: MAC OS Extended (Journaled) and click format. Your FAT32 will now become a HFS+ partition. Close when finished.

5). Open Utility > Terminal and type the following commands;


diskutil list (check Apple_HFS and partition # eg; disk0s2, remember the last digit and close window.
Click Shell, open new window and type (without *);
* fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 -press enter.
* flag #(your partition number, for disk0s2 it reads: 'flag 2') -press enter.
* update -press enter if prompted for a reboot say 'N' (No). Close the Terminal.


6). Back to the OS X Installation window, continue to the third page and select your MAC drive but do not continue.

7). Click on Customize at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

8). I used the following setup:


Bootloader: Chameleon v2.0 RC5 > 32BIT > Graphics Enabled > -pci1 > USB
Patches: /Extra > FakeSMC > Disabler > RTC 32-Bit  > EVOReboot > USB (all 3 sub options) and removed Sleep Enabled (for 10.6.8 update in mind)
Kernel: qoopz 10.3.0
Drivers: SATA/IDE: AHCI & Intel > Sound: VoodooHDA > PS\2: Voodoo PS\2 > CPU: Voodoo PState > Laptop: Battery, ACPI Thermal (32-Bit) > Wifi: Broadcom > Network: Realtek RTL8139 > VGA: Intel, GMA950, (20Ae) > NTFS


9). Click Continue and begin installation. Will take 30 minutes for setup to be complete.

10). OS X should boot without any errors, wait for the welcome screen to fill in your information.

11). Find your multishit 3.10.1 copy and unzip/open and drag the .app to /Applications folder and run it.

12). Click OSx86 Software and check Kext Utility & ShowAllFiles boxes. Finish the setup.

13). Open Applications and drag the kext Utility to Dock to snap it. Locate your patched IOPCIFamily.kext and drag it to the Kext Utility icon on your dock. This will propertly replace the old file and fixes cache/permissions of /S/L/E & /Extra/Extentions. Reboot when the program is done. This will fix the PCI order that'll enable the Broadcom BCM4311 Wireless card to be recognized.

14). Upon booting you'll noticed the Wifi signal icon in your status bar, click it to setup your Wireless Network.

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[MAC OS X 10.6.3 --> 10.6.8 Combo Update]

Before we are going to update to the final update of Snow Leopard, we're going to make sure we have a few backup kext to make the update work without any problems.

1). Go to /System/Library/Extentions and copy the following kext to your Desktop or USB Flashdrive.

[backup the following Kext]






2). Have your GMA950_10.6.8.zip & Legacy_Kernel-10.8.0.v2.pkg stand-by.

3). Run Mac_OS_X_ComboUpdate_10.6.8.dmg and wait until the installation is over, but DO NOT reboot.

4). Execute Legacy_Kernel-10.8.2.v2.pkg to install kernel.

5). Copy the backup kext's from Desktop/USB back to /S/L/E/.

6). Run Kext Utility to fix Disk Caches and Permissions.

7). Unzip GMA_950.10.6.8 and install the kext's with Kext Utility.

8). Reboot your system and have 10.6.8 running!

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