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    Intel Celeron M 440 1,84GHz
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    Intel i943/940GML (HP)
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    Intel GMA950
  1. I'm so sorry! Man it took some time to write all that, but policy is policy (I should've read more carefully, to exited to post i guess) Thank you for your information.
  2. [MAC OS X 10.6.3 --> 10.6.8 Combo Update] Before we are going to update to the final update of Snow Leopard, we're going to make sure we have a few backup kext to make the update work without any problems. 1). Go to /System/Library/Extentions and copy the following kext to your Desktop or USB Flashdrive. [backup the following Kext] AppleACPIPlatform.kext IOPCIFamily.kext IOUSBFamily.kext IOUSBMassStorageClass.kext VoodooHDA.kext 2). Have your GMA950_10.6.8.zip & Legacy_Kernel-10.8.0.v2.pkg stand-by. 3). Run Mac_OS_X_ComboUpdate_10.6.8.dmg and wait u
  3. After alot of work, reading the internet, collecting files/kext;s and lot's of installations, i finally got iATKOS S3 10.6.8 working including every driver on my HP G5000 Laptop. I never tried hackintosh and i'm fairly new into this, i'm still happy everything worked out eventually. iATKOS was never a problem to setup for the very first time, i only once experienced a KP due to wrong customize setup in EasyBeast > cpu management (had all 3 options marked instead of Voodoo PState only). I'll post the steps in 3 catagories that i have performed to archive this for anyone who has trouble
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