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To me building a Hackintosh was more like a hobby and fun project than anything else, I enjoyed every moment since late Chameleon through Clover till OpenCore came and destroy all the fun. Opencore is destroying our Windows based hardware yet we keep seek "support" and donate to break them further.

By now we all know that Apple makes fast and dramatic changes to hardware and even drops support to other, so we "Hackintoshers" are always in the search for help without ending, we very often come across a problem that no one can fix, then we very often read "if you want a Mac then buy a real Mac" which is the only true fact imo.

The community was a amusing, enjoyable and exciting until it changed to only "Donation" platforms, you open a website you get "donate, donate, donate, donate, donate, donate, donate, donate, donate, donate", we donate and all good till Apple makes a small change with the next update to have us to donate "again" to solve our new problem.

After all, it was much fun despite donating and spending endless non-sleep nights to make things work "like" a mac, but never a real Mac and now is time to leave and enjoy Windows PC as a Windows PC.

Thanks to everyone.

Haswell Hackintosh: GA Z970N WIFI Gaming 5, i7 4790K, Radeon HD 7970, 16GB RAM

Coffee Lake Hackintosh: GA Z370N Wifi, i7 8700K, Radeon XFX RX Vega 64, 32GB RAM

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