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  1. I applied HD620 and 630 8th Gen patch but still have 7 MB Intel HD 630 mobile 😢 Mojave 10.14.6 msi GE63 Raider Intel Core i7-8750H with Intel HD 630 and (GTX 1070 disabled) 16GB RAM EDIT: My config file config.plist.zip
  2. Thanks! it working for desktop 👍 Soon I install in my laptop
  3. Please check my Send Me. without kexts, with kexts file is 3.3mb and im not allowed more than 2.93mb.. kexts I use are listed in kernel list in plist. Send me 5700XTs-iPro.fritz.box.zip
  4. I did that and now is looking nice! better than nothing
  5. yes it can be bug because last dsdt disables my audio again I created dsdt with f4 it has no errors and audio is working, but no device names, can you please help me with adding devices names?
  6. Send me iMac WITH_dsdt = audio not work Send me iMac NO_dsdt = audio ok Send me iMac NO_dsdt.zip Send me iMac WITH_dsdt.zip
  7. thanks for the tip, I injected audio in config 1 2 3 4 5 7 12 15 16 17 18 28 31 90 92 97 98 99 but not working
  8. Update: I lost system sound, I tried layout id 1,2,nothing but is not working Added in 1 minute 48 seconds: that sounds good
  9. thank you! still 5 errors in DSDT but now is working, 11 devices listed in pci section I will never buy msi mobo again
  10. oh that's unfortunate here is new runme: Send me iMac.zip
  11. Is that for me? because I downloaded it and restarted but in PCI is nothing listed Plus DSDT has 5 errors
  12. Hi, I updated my motherboard from Gigabyte Z370N to MSI Z390i and I need help with new DSDT please. Send me iMac.zip
  13. Can you please help me to correct my IGPU config? sometimes my system don't boot no matter what I do
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