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Need help installing drivers on my hackintosh

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Good afternoon,

I made a Hackintosh with Monteray 12.6.3 on my laptop (i7 4510u - intel Haswell) and used the SMBIOS - iMacPro1,1.

I do have access to apple services and already put all essential information on config.plist (Serial, Board Serial, SmUUID, ROM, etc).

My only problem now is that I can't access the internet with the wifi only via ethernet, my network adapter is the Atheros 9485.

I already follow a topic on this forum related to that and tested both ways and none of them work.


In the first method using kextUtility, I follow the steps and gave the following output:

https://imgur.com/a/39DsigAĀ - Can't copy source file.


The second method that follows this forum -Ā https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/1008-io80211family-modif/, correct me if I'm wrong because the explanation was not very clear, what I did was:

- First copy theĀ HS80211Family.kext and theĀ AirPortAtheros40.kext in my case I used the AR9485.kext insteadĀ specific file to my network adapter and move those 2 files to the Kexts folder;

- Then I open the config. list and did a snapshot saved and rebooted the computer, after reboot gave an error and I had to remove the EFI and replace it with a backup that I have to boot up again the Hackintosh,Ā  basically having those files crash the system.

- I tried also just copying theĀ HS80211Family.kext and theĀ AirPortAtheros40.kext and not the specific file for my network adapter, and didn't crash the system but also the wifi still doesn't work.


My question is what I'm doing wrong, how the hell do I install the drivers and put the wifi to work ?


Thanks in advance guys šŸ™



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This wifi don't work after catalina i think.


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