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Good day everyone,

today i want to show you my Hackintosh but first i want to say THANK YOU @MaLd0n for this place and your support trough Whatsapp, without you i would have struggeled in alot things.


Mainboard: Asrock TaichiZ690
CPU: Intel Core i9 13900K
Ram: 2 x 32GB Kingston DDR5 @ XMP1 6000Mhz
GPU: Red Devil 6900XT
SSD: 1 x 500GB Crucial M2, 1 x 2TB Crucial M2, 2 x 2TB Samsung SSD
WIFI: Fenvi T919
Screens: Samsung C49RG9X + Acer Predator XB271HU
Case: MCPrue Mac Pro Clone (not available anymore)

Whats working: EVERYTHING !
Whats not working: NOTHING !

I love the build, everything works, super fast.






Benchmark Geekbench 6


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trying to add pictures but seems to be impossible ;)
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