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problem install lion 10.7 usb "still waiting for root device

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Hi hi try to instal lion 10.7 Gm from usb method MaldoN i launch bootloader the system load ...5 minutes and break to write "still waiting for root device"

i have burn in usb my dsdt.aml in Extra folder and driver patched for my video "gtx 560 ti" in /S/L/E and use this flag for "pci configuration error" ... npci=0x2000

help me


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have reformat hd and reinstall all lion

install - reboot

goto on leopard and modify "setup assistant" in lion (my keyboard is ps2) - reboot from usb to hd

configure sysytem - copy extra folder (mac 3.1) - copy my dsdt.aml in extra folder - install chameleon - install nullcpupm - repair perm rebuild cache -

reboot ..... and


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ahahaha:) hahah yes use snow but no video ...... gtx 560 ti not supported .....are unfortunate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

however, I thank you for all the help you gave me ....... Thanks for Everything


in the last mement i have found a solution ...install IOahciblockingstorageinjector, fakesmac, IOPICIfamilifix, Nullcpupowermanagement, chimera 1.41.r877, generatecpustates

and system start

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