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Post Install/Dual boot?

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Hi everyone, 


I have just installed Big Sur from the latest image provided here and currently I'm trying to post setup it properly, I manually replaced OpenCore that came with the original image to Clover as I was getting Kernel panics and can't even boot into the installer. But Clover worked wonders and I'm on the system currently, how should I reinstall my EFI folder to the drive? As I have plans to dual boot Windows 11 Pro on the same drive(It's a laptop), any recommendations on what I should do/or should not do, or should redo like reinstall with OpenCore? The system is currently empty and the whole SSD is empty as well, would appreciate any advices. :)

P/S: I tried installing Windows 11 but the installer failed, which I can only assume because I do not have a proper EFI partition setup atm, it just kicks me back and says installation failed and I should try restarting the installer. Currently also booting with my USB drive's EFI to get into 


Currently my SSD looks like this. disk0s5 is the partition I plan to install Windows 11 Pro to.

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intel nvme is not good under macos

check it


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