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Bring back FTP and TELNET to MacOS

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Apologies in advance, should this not be the best place. But I had difficulty deciding where the best place would be. :)

That said; for some reason, Apple decided to remove ftp, and telnet -- both the clients, and the daemons. While I suppose one could argue that the daemons could be exploited. The clients ftp(1) and telnet(1) are less dangerous than rm(1)

sudo rm -rf /*

So. I bring (back) to MacOS users, the ftp, and telnet clients.


I've been programming on *BSD (FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD) for almost 40 years, and that's the OS I created these on for this release. They are 100% native to MacOS High Sierra or above (newer). This release installs both the clients, and the man(1) pages. These are the "full featured" versions. Which includes tab completion, and other conveniences, unlike the GNU counterparts.


To install from this archive. Open Terminal and change to the directory where you downloaded this archive. Then perform the following:

sudo unzip ./FTP-TELNET.zip

sudo rm ./FTP-TELNET.zip

sudo cp ./FTP-TELNET.txz /

cd /

sudo tar xvf ./FTP-TELNET.txz && rm ./FTP-TELNET.txz

You're done. Enjoy! :)


Sorry for the extra commands for the zip wrapper. But in order to preserve the correct permissions on all the files involved, I needed to use tar(1) to create the archive. But this Forum doesn't support tar archived attachments.



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