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Need Help for my Samsung RF511

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Hi, everyone. I need help on how to fix my DSDT (Samsung RF511) to correct issues and run my Nvidia GT 540M (Optimus) if it is possible, of course.

1. Here is clean DSDT and my Extra folder with a working DSDT (used DSDTSE, DSDT Autopatcher using Samsung RF510 fix).


2. Here is an Extra folder with a (maybe) plenty working Nvidia GT 540M (I`d used DSDTFixer). Both video cards appeared on "About my Mac - Graphics/Monitors". But after rebooting (1 minute) the screen brightness getting lost beeing very hard to see icons and folders on desktop.

Here is the folder with this "problematic" DSDT:


Excuse my english, please.

I don`t know how to edit my DSDT and if it`s possible to make Nvidia GT 540M Optimus really works.

Thanks for your reply.

Z370n Wifi - RX 560 4GB - i5 5400 eย Lenovo s145

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