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Awkward DSDT with ASRock P45 R2000

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I'm having some trouble making my dsdt edits for an ASRock P45R2000 (non-wifi version), which is causing trouble because it's slightly old now, no pre-made dsdt or auto-patches exist for it, and worst of all in many cases it doesn't seem to use the same variables as other boards.

Graphics are working fine by adding my gfx card vendor string to the NVDANV50.kext Info.plist, and audio works with rollback HDA, but I've been trying to get these working more natively with my dsdt so that I can reach the ultimately goal of HDMI audio! Also, sleep is not working so I believe there is some problem with power management / smbus. When I disable in the bios the "Suspend to RAM" option, sleep appears to work but all fans and psu stay active (display turns off and login screen appears again when keyboard pressed - so kind of a soft-sleep). With this option enabled, it goes into a proper sleep (all fans off) but cannot be woken by keyboard, network or power button, and therefore requires a hard-reset.

I have applied a power-button fix, and whilst this works to put the computer to sleep, it doesn't make any difference in trying to wake it.

Currently I've added the DTGP method, and I'm trying to add the ICH10 LPC patch but my original dsdt doesn't seem to contain any instances of _DSM. Does anyone know if this goes by another variable name, or can maybe see it in my dsl file?

My problems continue with the audio, in that my dsdt also contains no instances of AVAL, but thats the next issue, for now I'd like to focus on getting sleep working.

I don't really understand what these variables represent (e.g. _DSM, AVAL etc), most of the guides out there are helpful in saying what to do but rarely say anything about why we're doing it, so if anyone can add this as extra info that would be a very welcome bonus!

Many thanks,


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I've made some progress since my last post, in that I've got the modded DSDT to get the graphics working without GraphicsEnabler, and by cross referencing with modified DSDT's from other boards (e.g. gigabyte) I've applied a few patches such as LPC and now have sleep working.

But am still having some trouble identifying two things:

a) Where the SMBus device is

b) Where the onboard Audio device is (e.g. AZAL equivalent)

If anyone can have a look at my original and point out where these two things are it would really help me on my way,


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Audio = 0x001B0000

00:1b.0 Audio device [0403]: Intel Corporation 82801JI (ICH10 Family) HD Audio Controller [8086:3a3e]


SMBus = 0x001F0003

00:1f.3 SMBus [0c05]: Intel Corporation 82801JI (ICH10 Family) SMBus Controller [8086:3a30]


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Largely thanks to this site, I've made good progress with the mod and it's up to a useable standard, but also still has some minor teething issues.

Primarily that USB storage devices are not safely removed when sleeping / waking. I've tried all sorts of things (different patches - sleep patches / EHCI ownership etc, PINI methods, ^_INI methods, upside-down, inside-out etc) but every attempt has either made no difference, or caused a deep-sleep which requires a hard-reset to recover from.

The other thing that I've struggled with is HDMI audio, but I think I just need to do more trial-and-error with kext edits.

Anyway if someone could take a look and see if they can spot anything that looks out of place that might affect the sleep issue that would be a big help.


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