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DSDT for MSI-P67A-G45 (sleep still not working)

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Hey guys,

its great work you do with the dsdt-patching for nearly every board. I wanted to patch a userdsdt for my MSI P67A-G45, but didnt see it. So i checked the specifications of the P67A-GD55 and saw that it are the same than my G45 has. I will now try to make a Snow Leopard and Lion install with this and will post my result.


UPDATE: Seems not to work, so I'll try the one from the P67A-C43 B3, which is nearly the same Board, but without firewire port. If this won't work i'll have to work on a self-made DSDT.

UPDATE 2: The one from C43 didnt work,too. So i tried a few times with different patches for my self-extracted DSDT and managed it to work properly (without sleep by now). After Update to 10.7.3 i had to use the AICP patch from http://Olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1003 before rebooting to get it work with my Core i5-2500k. I'll attach the "beta" DSDT for P67A-G45 (B3) to this post and hope someone will help me with fixing the sleep problem, because i dont know what to do.


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