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I2C Trackpad Patching but not working

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Hi, I've been trying to fix my trackpad for a while but I can't get it to work.

First of all try to just put the VoodooI2C kext and it didn't work, after that I added the SMCBatteryManager and it worked !! but after restarting my laptop it stops working, if I delete the kext I download them again and put them in the Other folder again, it works again, but again it only works once and when I turn off or restart the laptop it stops working.

Sometimes it works to re-download the kext and sometimes not, I thought it would be a problem because I did not have the battery indicator working, so I fixed it but it did not work either. 

I started to follow this guide: 

because I thought that then it would be a problem to patch, but I think to I patched it and still it does not work.

According to these data:

VoodooI2C State: Loaded

VoodooI2C Version: 2.3


CPU Model: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 7y54 CPU @1.20GHz

DeviceName: TPDX

IOName: PCT1336

Mode: Interrupt(GPIO)

GPIO Pin: 0x15

That I took out with GenI2C (And previously I had checked in windows and following the methods of the guide) when having a PIN less than 47 the only thing I would have to check. that the name is correct, so I opened my DSDT, search for TPDXX and replaced the RBUF in the method with SBFB but I don't know what else to do.

            Method (_CRS, 0, NotSerialized)  // _CRS: Current Resource Settings
                Name (RBUF, ResourceTemplate ()
                    I2cSerialBusV2 (0x002C, ControllerInitiated, 0x000186A0,
                        AddressingMode7Bit, "\\_SB.PCI0.I2C0",
                        0x00, ResourceConsumer, , Exclusive,
                    GpioInt (Level, ActiveLow, ExclusiveAndWake, PullDefault, 0x0000,
                        "\\_SB.PCI0.GPI0", 0x00, ResourceConsumer, ,
                        {   // Pin list
                CreateWordField (RBUF, 0x38, TCHI)
                TCHI = GNUM (0x02000015)
                Return (RBUF) /* \_SB_.PCI0.I2C0.TPDX._CRS.RBUF */

This is my method, I just basically replace the RBUF, anyone know what im doing wrong? 

Im using SMCBatteryManager + VirtualSMC and this is my send_me https://filebin.net/gexnolpedhrwwaog

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