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Please help - Still don't understand what is better for my 2 Graphic cards

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Hi to all.


Please I need a help to understand once for all what is better:


I have 2 video cards on my Hack

PCI slot 1: RTX 2070 nvdia (DisplayPort to monitor) (WIndows)

PCI slot 2: RX580 amd (HDMI to monitor) (Mac)

When I select in clover Windows I want the NVDIA first

When I select in clover MAC I want AMD 

If I switch on the PC clover starts with NVIDIA card (display port) and if I switch on the monitor the HDMI source I can't see nothing.

If I click on MAC cloverboot and then switch the monitor on the HDMI I can access to mac but I see lags and graphic bugs (see video attached)


I just try to put nv_disable=1 on clover boot argument but still have bugs and lags.

I don't wanna swap the card because I don't know if windows exploit well the nvdia in the secondary pci slot.


Someone can give me a good solution to simply switch on PC with WIN+NVDIA and Hack+AMD?






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