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OMG - sensational news or mental trip?

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IDK where I can post that text but:

OMG - ok guys, I don't know if we are facing a sensational thing or I did a trip. Let me explain: on my Hack I connected 2 graphics cards, one is an RTX 2070 and the other is an RX580. I have always used the AMD in the first slot and the NVDIA in the second one so as not to give compatibility problems. Today I had to do a test on win and I decided to make a switch between the two slots. By connect
ing a DP cable to the RTX and an HDMI to the RX580. Now when I start the PC, starting from HDMI the system starts, making the switch with the source button on the monitor on the DisplayPort (rtx connected) the computer reveals it as a second monitor and I can also use it with large display bugs.

How is it possible that something go out from NVDIA CARD???

What do you think about it? The card reveals it but would not exploit it? (notice: I see something like lag and bug when I see the AMD display nothing similar to the RTX bug)

I attached a link to my video review as you can see what I see: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hackintosch/permalink/10158377780522446/








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